Social commitment and sustainable development


Sustainable development, what is it? It is a long-term vision of the development of a company integrating ecological and social aspects into its strategic planning, with the aim of ensuring its sustainability while reducing its negative impact on the planet.

Our commitment to our employees and our customers is important, but also for future generations, which is why Services Paysagers Dominique Filion judiciously integrates Sustainable Development into its business practices. We hold the level 1 certificate issued by the organization Addère.

Engagement Développement Durable Niveau 1


Concretely, this involves the company's social commitment to its customers, employees, partners and community. In addition to offering a friendly and fair work environment to our employees and partners, we offer our clients the possibility of integrating sustainable development techniques and processes into your project. Green roofs, permeable pavers, connected irrigation systems or the use of materials made from recycled materials are just a few options available to you to achieve your sustainable development.

It should be noted that since 2020, our company has held the CARBORESPONSABLE for having met all the requirements of the organization Enviro-accès inc.

Attestation CarboResponsable

Our landscape architects and garden designers will be happy to answer your questions on the subject and will be able to offer you solutions that go perfectly with your dream project.

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