Landscaping Design Projects – Plans and Complete Execution

The quality and elegance of our landscaping begins with design.

No matter the scope of your landscaping project or the style of garden you are dreaming of, our landscape architects and garden designers are masters in the art of answering your needs and finding inspiring and elegant solutions that suit your budget. 

A fundamental step to executing a project, our landscaping plan and design service includes the following: assessment of your needs and the outdoor space involved, recommendation for required materials and a cost evaluation of execution.  

Our landscape architects and garden designers will select for you each element that will make your landscaped garden unique: the best plants and building materials, recommendation of different options for fences, pavement or cobblestones, wood or metal furnishings and lighting systems.

Conception des plans

Once you have approved the blueprint of your plan, implementation of the work to execute is scheduled. Going from the professional sketch to the actual, real-life results, requires delicate and crucial steps: our designers draw on the expertise of skilled builders, our project/construction team.

Turn-key, tailored projects

A turn-key approach in 4 steps promises a successful landscaping project!

The first meeting

This step allows us to measure the needs, as voiced by the homeowner(s) and to fully understand the context in which the environment and surroundings lie. All this information will impact and guide design ideas, and allow for the enhancement of the property and its surroundings.

The second meeting

With the gathered information, the landscaping plan can take shape. The plan’s concept outlines the scheduled work and takes into account an anticipated budget. Balance, linearity, textures and colors come together tastefully to subtlety reveal a new garden. Cost estimates for execution of work is completed. Together, we determine the required steps for the project and finalize the agreement.

The work begins

With a start date confirmed on our calendar, our construction teams are prepared to bring your landscaping project to life! The expertise of each person involved in the project and working on-site insures the integrity of your approved plan and the sustainability of your investment.

Quality control

Certified landscaper and Maître Paysagiste, Services Paysagers Dominique Filion exceeds the industry’s standards and values its commitments with outstanding quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. Your project is also ours!



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Icone Éclairage


Whether you wish to create a subtle highlight of your property’s landscaping or a warm and welcoming ambiance, lighting options add comfort and will enhance your evening out on the terrace.

Icone Bois et Métal

Wood and Metal

Bringing wood or metal structures often serves the purpose of dividing surfaces, adding intimacy or simply closing-off a space around the property. These structures are also useful to give the precision and refinement specific to a style of garden.

Icone Plantation


Selecting the appropriate plants, with respect to sun exposure, type of soil and chosen style of garden is imperative. Also, to ensure proper growth, our teams use only top-quality earth, adapted to your plantation framework.

Icon Muret

Walkways, Entrances and Stone Walls

Being smart and savvy when creating circulation and greeting areas will provide ease of movement on a daily basis and please your guests. Streamlined walkways and entrances are a trademark of quality landscaping planning.

Icone Terrasse

Terraces and Patios

They truly are an added room to your house, bringing together family and friends for many activities. Carefully creating these spaces will provide you with the pleasures of a shared feast, or a simple moment of relaxation.

Icone Piscine

Pools and Water Gardens

The integration of a pool or water garden is an important and determining element to factor in when planning your landscaping project. The shape and size will be considered when the style of your garden and available space are discussed. Another good reason why an optimal relationship needs to exist between the pool specialist, architect and builders.


Our Projects

Enhance your commercial or institutional grounds

Quality landscaping contributes, without a doubt, to your companies’ or institutions’ branding and image. As expected, cleanliness and maintenance of outdoor spaces are a minimum for your image, but, creating a welcoming setting is also a must. The consideration and care you have for your corporate and professional site is a reflection of the one you foster for the people visiting you!

Realisation Commercial

Be proud of your business and let us work with you for your next project: our experts are focused on your requests and can deliver a high-quality project that will stand the test of time. From your entrance, paths and walkways to that special summer space for your staff, we can do it all!

For the past 27 years, many companies have put their trust in our services.

Improve your property with a Flash-Project!

A unique service, our Flash-Project was designed to answer the needs of homeowners wishing to improve their landscape by targeting specific areas of their property. 

  • Need to redefine your flowerbeds? 
  • The access to your property, path to front door for example, needs a make-over? 
  • Your backyard would be optimized with fresh plantations and a new space to host friends and family?

A Flash-Project will answer your needs and can be entirely integrated in a long-term project. Services Paysagers Dominique Filion holds the expert resources to improve your garden, one step at a time, without any inconveniences. Note that a full-scale landscaping sketch by an architect is not required for this service since it draws on the experience of our project managers.

This said, not all requests are eligible for a Flash Project: contact us to discuss your wish list and your budget.

Revitalize your flowerbeds

Chill out this summer and let our maintenance teams care for your flowerbeds… Our skilled employees will carefully remove weeds and trim all summer long. We will provide horticultural follow-up on your plants to keep them healthy and will recommended pruning, as needed, to increase blooming in your shrubs. Your garden will look fabulous!

Walkways, stonework and terraces

Being smart and savvy when creating circulation and greeting areas will provide ease of movement on a daily basis and please your guests. Streamlined walkways and entrances are a trademark of quality landscaping planning. 

A room in its own right, a summer terrace becomes a space to relax, enjoy a meal and discuss. With careful planning, your terrace will enhance your summer!

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