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Bringing together all the elements and features in a small urban backyard, as requested by the homeowners, gave our designers quite a challenging project! 

Although many features are present, the landscaped environment is not cluttered. Homeowners feel the spaciousness thanks to well-planned subdivided areas: lounge, dining area, pool and play area for the children. Carefully designed, each area benefits from different viewpoints. Choosing oversized tiles and a glass fence around the pool gives the feeling of a larger space. 

Even in a limited space, homeowners benefit from an in-ground pool, perfectly integrated to the garden. The square-shaped pool was indeed a bold, unusual choice and yet, perfect for the space.

This project was awarded 2nd Prize in the category Espace restreint pour grand jardin of the 40th Landscaping Competition of the APPQ (Feb.2019).

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