Residential Landscaping Projects

Integrated, seamless and customized projects

No matter the scope of your landscaping project or the style of garden you are dreaming of, our landscape architects and garden designers are masters in the art of answering your needs and finding inspiring and elegant solutions that suit your budget.






Icone Éclairage


Whether you wish to create a subtle highlight of your property’s landscaping or a warm and welcoming ambiance, lighting options add comfort and will enhance your evening out on the terrace.

Wood and metal

Wood and Metal

Bringing wood or metal structures often serves the purpose of dividing surfaces, adding intimacy or simply closing-off a space around the property. These structures are also useful to give the precision and refinement specific to a style of garden.

Icone Plantation


Selecting the appropriate plants, with respect to sun exposure, type of soil and chosen style of garden is imperative. Also, to ensure proper growth, our teams use only top-quality earth, adapted to your plantation framework.

Icon Muret

Walkways, Entrances and Stone Walls

Being smart and savvy when creating circulation and greeting areas will provide ease of movement on a daily basis and please your guests. Streamlined walkways and entrances are a trademark of quality landscaping planning.

Icone Terrasse

Terraces and Patios

They truly are an added room to your house, bringing together family and friends for many activities. Carefully creating these spaces will provide you with the pleasures of a shared feast, or a simple moment of relaxation.

Icone Piscine

Pools and Water Gardens

The integration of a pool or water garden is an important and determining element to factor in when planning your landscaping project. The shape and size will be considered when the style of your garden and available space are discussed. Another good reason why an optimal relationship needs to exist between the pool specialist, architect and builders.