Mountain Amphitheater

Walkways, paths and dividing walls
Terraces, Patios and Metalwork

For this unique project, we were asked to landscape the surroundings of an already existing in-ground pool, located on a hillside and in the heart of a protected and pristine forest. The homeowners also requested a garden on tiered levels and space to entertain at least 30 guests around the pool, while keeping some lawn and a vegetable garden. 

Choosing natural stone and indigenous, comestible plants completely align with the mission of the Mont Saint-Bruno National Park where this garden is located. Its existence blends beautifully with the forest…

This project was awarded 2nd Prize ex-aequo in the category Métamorphose réussie of the 37th Landscaping Competition of the APPQ (Feb.2016).

Our team of landscape architects
Our landscape and garden teams