Landscaping Design Projects – Plans and Complete Execution

The quality and elegance of our landscaping begins with design

A fundamental step to executing a project, our landscaping plan and design service includes the following: assessment of your needs and the outdoor space involved, recommendation for required materials and a cost evaluation of execution.

Our landscape architects and garden designers will select for you the best plants and building materials and will recommend different options for fences, pavements or cobblestones, wood or metal structures and lighting systems. Every detail is designed and custom-planned, down to the smallest detail.

Once you have approved the blueprint of your plan, implementation of the work to execute is scheduled. Our designers draw on the expertise of skilled builders, our PROJECTS/CONSTRUCTION TEAM: they plan projects that, once completed, will fully render the beauty of the architect’s sketch.


The first meeting

This step allows us to measure the needs, as voiced by the homeowner(s) and to fully understand the context in which the environment and surroundings lie. All this information will impact and guide design ideas, and allow for the enhancement of the property and its surroundings.

The second meeting

With the gathered information, the landscaping plan can take shape. The plan’s concept outlines the scheduled work and takes into account an anticipated budget. Balance, linearity, textures and colors come together tastefully to subtlety reveal a new garden. Cost estimates for execution of work is completed. Together, we determine the required steps for the project and finalize the agreement.

The work begins

With a start date confirmed on our calendar, our construction teams are prepared to bring your landscaping project to life! The expertise of each person involved in the project and working on-site insures the integrity of your approved plan and the sustainability of your investment.

Quality control

Certified landscaper and Maître Paysagiste, Services Paysagers Dominique Filion exceeds the industry’s standards and values its commitments with outstanding quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. Your project is also ours!