Horticultural Care and Landscaping Maintenance

Fully enjoy the beauty of your landscaping…without lifting a shovel!


To preserve the health and beauty of your residential or commercial landscaping all year long, our dedicated team of horticulturists and landscapers offer maintenance services, flowerbed revitalization, lawn mowing, pruning and much more!

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Let your investment bloom! Crocus flowers, tulips and daffodils rejoice! At last, sunshine warms the earth…Our horticulturists are getting ready for summer: spring cleaning and opening of flowerbeds, plantation, fertilization and the first mowing of your lawn. Your yard is ready!

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Flower pots and baskets are overflowing in beauty and massive plantations agree on whose turn it is to show-off and bloom! Summer is here at last! Let our maintenance teams mow your lawn, remove weeds and care for your flowerbeds for the whole season. To maintain and promote healthy annuals and perennials, we can keep an eye out and to stimulate blooming of shrubs, we will trim and prune to perfection. Time for you to relax!

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Beautiful days remain, late blooms and colorful foliage are true show-stoppers and there is still time to enjoy your backyard! Soon enough though, it will be time for our maintenance teams to aerate lawns, rake and clean out fallen leaves, plant flower bulbs for next spring, install winter protection over shrubs and small trees and get flowerbeds ready for winter!

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Gardens are sleepy…inviting us to change perspectives. Trees, branches and grasses greet the snow without hesitation and remaining birds feast on the berries left on the different shrubs! Take a deep breath…Winter is, believe it or not, a marvelous time to contemplate your garden.

For some of us, these months will be spent updating our knowledge, getting additional training on the latest techniques in order to always serve you better! 

Grass health relies on best practices and regular maintenance.


Diagnosis, aeration, dethatching, organic amendments, cutting and removal of fallen leaves are just a few of the weekly services offered by Services Paysagers Dominique Filion. 

Our lawn and grass maintenance teams have been covering the South Shore since 1992 and are now servicing Montreal: we are aiming to provide you with personalized and professional services, that meet your expectations.

We service :

  • Residential Properties
  • Condos and Property Management
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Shopping Malls and Industrial Grounds

Ask for our Professional maintenance Program and we will do our very best to find the ultimate solution for your lawn!

We customize our services!


For the best upkeep and maintenance of your hedges, an annual trim is recommended. Pair a fertilization treatment when it’s time for the annual trim, and rest assured your hedge will be green, dense and healthy.

We also offer pruning, shape trimming of young trees, trimming of leafy shrubs and coniferous trees of all variety. Our experts are meticulous and respectful of your property. Our tools and machinery allow us to work in hard to reach areas, without damaging nearby flowerbeds or your lawn. 

Trimming vegetation requires specific knowledge and skills and our professionals have both!

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