Countryside Evening

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Lighting Integration

Homeowners with young children, their request was to increase their backyard living! This landscaping project was designed as an extension to the home, a centennial dwelling made contemporary while respecting its history. The choice of materials (natural stone and stained cedar) was also determined with the heritage of the home, in mind. Homeowners also wished to create more intimacy by shielding the neighbors’ trailer.

The pergola adjacent to the pool area defines the living room space. The decorative wood structure “frames” the space and becomes an interesting piece of volume in the landscape. The missing “ceiling” on the pergola is intentional as this area falls under the shade of a honey locust and an oak tree… Some sunshine can come through. This backyard has a mini “drive-in” theater: a 9ft by 6 ft screen allows the family to watch movies outdoors with a projector. The screen also serves the function of shielding the right-hand side neighbor.

This project was awarded 3rd Prize in the category Jardin d’ombre et de lumière of the 40th Landscaping Competition of the APPQ (Feb.2019).

Annie Labossière
Louis-Philippe Demers