For the health and sustainability of your trees 

logo-siaq-membre-commercial>For the health and sustainability of your trees, to maintain or provide care for them, to cherish their natural qualities, call upon Services Paysagers Dominique Filion for all your arboricultural needs, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

We now offer all the services of this special trade: consultations, pruning, shredding of branches, grubbing, tree maintenance and shape trimming. Our specialists ensure fast, clean and safe services and can assist you for authorizations and permits for tree removal.

Our team covers all South Shore municipalities and also Saint-Hyacinthe to Drummondville, as well as Montreal to provide you with valuable advice to help you take care of these living gems.

We believe, as you do, that trees play an important role in our environment and in our lives. Reach out to our team of experts by filling out the form at the end of this page!

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When evaluating the work at hand, we must determine if the logger can bring down the tree by its stump or, if he will need to proceed in sections with or without cables. When a tree is brought down by its stump, the logger must abide by specific techniques, namely directional cuts, hinges and determine an escape path. The use of tools such as cutting corners and logging levers can also be required.



We provide complete shredding services for your branches. If you wish, you can also ask us to shred the branches you have trimmed yourself.


Pruning/ Trimming

Pruning and trimming consists in the cutting of lateral branches of a tree (and occasionally its crown) in order to promote foliage growth. A 3-step cutting technique or the bracing of branches could be required.  This type of cut often results in new branches which, in turn, will eventually require pruning or guidance for direction.



Grubbing is done with various size machinery, depending on ease of access to the property. The depth of the stump, surface roots and managing waste are also factored in when evaluating the work. Once the work is complete, the stump area and mound are eliminated, as well as all debris. The cleared space will require arable soil.



The team of experts at Services Paysagers Dominique Filion recommend alternative approaches when it comes to considering bringing a tree down: this option is called bracing. This solution consists of structural supports installed in the antler or the trunk. The braces can be flexible, rigid or dynamic. Once in place, they reinforce the weakened, but still healthy parts of the tree. Once assessed, our experts will discuss the best options available to you, in order to maintain your trees and protect your home.


Cleaning and clearing

Following our professional work, you can trust our conscientious team to leave your property residue-free and impeccable.

Consultation with an arborist


Need some sound advice? Our certified arborists will be happy to assist you and share their knowledge and insight regarding trimming, maintenance and treatments for your trees. Whether you are concerned with an orchard tree, need information on specific diseases or want to plan an intervention, remember that the best approach for your trees is prevention.

Safety First

Watch this video of a logging operation executed on a “giant”! Our experts are impressive…

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